Vietnamese people in Australia contest reading Vietnamese


As a way to preserve ethnic identity, the passing of time, the Vietnam Women's Union in South Australia has held the contest "Read Vietnamese" for younger teens living here.

In order to maintain the original culture in Vietnam or more specifically is to maintain Vietnamese, Vietnamese community in South Australia, represented by the radio Committee – Vietnam Women's Union here has opened the contest "Vietnamese Reading".

The contest was launched from the end of December, 2011.

Since the semi-finals, the reading of the contestants are played on the radio by radio listeners and participants vote based on reading as a halt, stop, up and down the voice in the last sentence, as well as how expression expressive of the children.

Something worth saying, the success of the competition and motivation to encourage the child to join the contest thanks in part to the encouragement, encouragement of the parents. Though far from home, but the Vietnamese are trying the best they can to maintain, promote, preserve their native language.

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